1. Luc Guerber flipped a coin to decide on which side to have with his cheeseburger. He has harnessed the same serendipity in all regards of his life. Three years ago he hopped his first train out of Minnesota with two friends and fellow bandmates. 

    “As a mixed bred white person, the only real American thing I have is hopping trains, baseball, jazz, that’s about it,” Guerber said. 

    The Rail Yard Ghosts played street corners from San Francisco to Memphis. A romantic mishap lead to the band’s breakup, but Guerber still plays the saw and continued to travel via train, bus, foot and hitchhiking.

    “The difference between a hobo and a bum is that a hobo will work and has self-respect and confidence. A bum is a bum,” Guerber said. 

    On the last evening in April, I sat down at Shot in the Dark expecting a meal and a story. i got both and an impromptu saw lesson. My lack of musical ability was not deterred by the unconventional instrument. I won’t be debuting any hits soon. 

    This night was a reminder of the innumerable eccentric stories in this world should you be willing to diverge from the beaten path. Sometimes a hot meal and a 24-hour cafe are the only catalyst needed


    1&2 © Josh Morgan 2012 

    3&4 © Mariana Dale 2012